New warning for parents who let their kids use the YouTube kids app

Posted at 8:29 PM, Oct 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-25 12:17:34-04

A new warning for parents who let their kids use the YouTube Kids app. Pranksters are manipulating YouTube to get violent and sexual cartoon material to show up on children’s screens.

A woman in Tulsa said she was shocked at what came across her kid-friendly app.

“I would consider them a sexual predator," she said. The woman is staying anonymous to protect her and her children.

“It’s just exposing them to things that children of that age shouldn’t even be exposed to.” The woman said what happened to her kids needs to be out in the open.

The other day she said her toddler opened the YouTube Kids app. “She tried to lookup something and it pulled up Bubble Guppies,” the woman said. “That’s when we saw that it pulled up Bubble Guppies, including this other Bubble Guppy video."

The same characters her kids watch on TV appeared, committing scandalous acts that aren't safe for daytime television.

Police say the videos are something they’ve heard and received complaints about, but police say the videos aren’t illegal, so it makes things difficult for police.

Police recommend flagging the inappropriate videos and marking them as spam.