New Uber program takes passengers into Mexico

Posted at 6:22 PM, Mar 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-17 21:43:56-04

Uber riders can now take a ride across the U.S.-Mexico border, but there is a catch.

Uber driver Sandro Molina is no stranger to Baja California.

Molina told 10News, "I have family in the Valle de Guadalupe [area]. I love going down there; great wine tasting … there's great surf down there."

When Molina found out Uber is making one-way drop-offs across the border in Mexico, he said he saw dollar signs.

"I take a lot of people to the border every week, and they always ask me if I can take them to a particular bar or destinations across the border, and you know, I haven't been able to until now," Molina said.

However, passengers are being warned that a trip to Mexico from San Diego is of the one-way variety.

With the UberPASSPORT program, a driver can drop off a passenger at a Mexican destination. Passengers will have to use Uber Mexico, or a taxi, to get back to the border crossing.

An UberPASSPORT ride from downtown San Diego to the Tijuana Airport will cost about $100. A ride from Pacific Beach to Rosarito will cost about $160.

Uber says they will make sure its drivers are insured in Mexico, are certified by the state, have high ratings and have passed background checks.

Molina did a practice run on Thursday in which he pocketed $52 -- which he said is pretty promising.

"[It] could be huge, we'll see," he told 10News.

The UberPASSPORT service will appear for Uber users on their app on March 18.

Uber is reminding passengers to have proper documentation with them -- such as a passport -- for identification when crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.