Neighbors of new Mira Mesa park concerned about traffic

Posted at 4:50 PM, Aug 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-04 19:50:10-04

MIRA MESA, Calif., (KGTV) — Construction of the Mira Mesa Community Park is currently underway, but some residents are concerned the new plan will create a traffic hazard. 

“As soon as this fence went up, it narrowed and restricted the road,” said Dylan Skola.

He said he often rides his bike but said it’s unsafe to ride on Westmore Road, which is where the new park is being built. 

“When rush hour comes along, this road is almost solid, totally packed with cars,” said Skola.

He said cars are squeezing by, often just inches from each other. 

“Prior to this, it was maybe 1.5 times wider, so there was sufficient space for parking as well as cyclists to maneuver without being forced into the line of traffic,” said Skola. 

According to the city, the narrow road will be permanent. It’s to slow down traffic in light of the new park. 

A traffic study and approval for this was given in October 2004. 

“I'm worried someone is going to have a serious accident, possibly be killed,” said Skola.

The project rendering shows part of the road will be turned into a drop off area. Skola said it would be dangerous for cars pulling in and out. 

“I'm generally in favor of traffic-calming measures, but it was obviously poorly designed,” said Skola. 

It’s unclear if crews will replace the sidewalk and if they will install a cycling path.

Residents plan to bring their concerns to the Mira Mesa Recreational Council meeting on Tuesday, August 8th at Lopez Ridge Park at 7 pm.