New billboard blasts Rep. Duncan Hunter

Posted at 5:42 PM, Jan 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-16 20:56:08-05

A billboard taking aim at Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter is now towering above the 15, near Rainbow.

It reads, "Did you know? Rep. Duncan Hunter is under criminal investigation," a reference to the ongoing probe into Hunter's alleged campaign finance violation.

A group called Indivisble, charged with flipping Republican seats to Democrat, paid $7,500 for the billboard. It will stand for a month.

"You have a legal action going towards him, which is neither Republican or Democrat. It's the justice department. People will have to say 'hmm,'" said Diana Fink, a member of the group 

A spokesman for Hunter didn't respond to requests for comment.

The billboard is Indivisible's latest effort to impact the 2018 election.

It holds weekly rallies outside Congressman Darrell Issa's office in Vista, and is taking credit for contributing to his recent decision not to defend his seat in the upcoming election.

But the wave of Democratic enthusiasm that contributed to Issa's departure may not be there when it comes to Hunter. Hunter's district, which is largely in East County, leans more heavily Republican. There's also growing speculation that Issa may run for Hunter's seat.

So while the billboard may get Hunter out of office, it may not replace him with a person the demonstrators want.

Issa's spokesman didn't respond to a call for comment.