New app could help job seekers land interviews

Posted at 5:02 PM, Jul 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-06 20:02:27-04

There are thousands of jobs up for grabs in San Diego County. Just look on any jobs site. 

The trick is getting your name in front of the right people.

A just-released app called Rebrandly can help do just that. 

When it comes to hiring for his solar sales company called Heliogold, Jake Hess says he wants to keep it simple.

"For us to go through a huge process and read a big resume and cover letter and all that stuff, it's kind of just a little bit daunting," he said. 

That's where Rebrandly can come in. The app could help job seekers attract just a little bit more attention from CEOs like Hess, perhaps enough to land an interview. The app will take any long link - such as one to a LinkedIn profile - and reformat it into a customized, shorter one to give a more professional look. 

"The easier you make things for people, the more likely they are to click on whatever link or whatever you try to do to get their attention," said Sean Dreiling, founder of Restoar Facial Toner. 

Rebrandly is free, and will create an unlimited number of links using its own domain name. But starting at $2, users can buy their own site through the service. 

Hess said it may help keep emails and resumes short and sweet, just how he likes them.

"I want to get in front of the person and see their experience and see how they handle certain situations," he said. 

The app is available on iPhones, but people can also access it on their computers or the web browsers on other smartphones.