New allegations against Rancho Del Rey teacher

More students claim teacher was "inappropriate"
Posted at 6:58 PM, Feb 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-10 22:12:24-05
New details revealed in the classroom porn scandal at a Chula Vista school. The Sweetwater School District told 10News they aren't aware of the teacher being involved in any past incidents. 
But, more students are coming forward with allegations that the teacher acted inappropriately prior to Thursday's reported incident.
Thursday morning at Rancho Del Rey Middle School, students tell 10News their teacher plugged his iPad into the projector. When that happened, they say porn popped up and stayed on for at least 30 seconds. 
We haven't released the teacher's name because he hasn't been charged. But, students on social media claim they knew exactly who it was. Many current and past students took to twitter, saying things like, "There have been rumors about him watching porn since I went there in 2009."
Another tweet read, "Same thing happened when I was his student, but it was on the computer and he just exited out."
Even parents say their kids told them this is nothing new. 
"One of my daughters had mentioned that two weeks ago she was informed that this teacher was doing inappropriate things in class such as having nudy magazines and watching porn on his computer," said Stephanie Boles. 
Another parent says her kids told her the same thing.
"I read it in a blog we have with other parents," said Claudia Torres. "Then later when my older daughter came back from school they told me that this was a regular situation at Rancho."
The school released a statement to parents on Thursday saying they're doing an internal investigation.  
Torres says if the rumors are true, why didn't the school do something earlier.
"It makes me feel like well, what are the measures that the district and the school are taking to make sure that our teachers are okay for our kids?"
Boles says she's taking action against the school district to get more answers. She says shes's starting a petition to get more transparency in the investigation. 
"I think a public meeting with everybody able to have a back and forth, those students that made those allegations on TV with their parents, if they did say anything to the school and nothing was done, let them be in a room with the rest of us so that we can address the rumors and squash what's rumors and what's not. Rather than just assume everybody is lying."