Neighbors upset about tree draped over road

Posted at 11:13 PM, Feb 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-02 12:53:18-05

People in an east county neighborhood are upset that the county won't remove a tree that is draped over their road.

The huge oak tree fell in the 900 block of Silverbrook Drive in Harbison Canyon. Sharie West believes it's the county's responsibility.  

"We have no HOAs, there's no signs at the front that says this is a private road. We pay taxes, just because it's not paved it's not your road, that doesn't make any sense," said West. 

San Diego County Department of Public Works Spokeswoman Alex Bell told 10News it's up to the neighbors to come together and remove the tree.

"This is a privately owned tree which fell over a private road. It is the responsibility of the private property owner to remove their tree so their road is clear."

The tree fell just a few yards past where the road turns to dirt. Mark Sandecki lost his home in the 2003 fires. He's been through many property surveys. He insists the tree is on county property.

"They should've been out here taking care of that, there are families back there that couldn't get help if they needed it," said Sandecki.

Sandecki is worried about the handful of families that live just beyond the fallen tree. It's hanging too low for emergency vehicles to get through.

Neighbors say they've been fighting to get the road paved for decades.

"This is a county road, just because it's not paved doesn't eliminate the responsibility of the county," said West.