Neighbors say quiet road becoming dumping ground

Posted at 5:06 PM, Aug 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-10 21:07:00-04

(KGTV) - Neighbors who live off a quiet Rancho Peñasquitos road say they are fed up with crime, litter, and abandoned cars steps from their front doors.

Danielle Salice, who lives in the area, says the region's high cost of living is keeping her from moving. 

"I'm paying good money to live in a place that's beautiful, San Diego, let alone owning my condo," she said. "But I'm not being able to use my neighborhood."

Salice lives in a condo complex at the end of Azuega Street in Rancho Peñasquitos. She and her neighbors are reporting drug paraphernalia, abandoned cars, and a series of car break-ins. On Friday, there were two piles of broken car glass in the road. 

One man who declined to give his name said his car was broken into last month, and his daughter's softball gear was stolen. 

Salice said it's an ongoing problem on the road. 

"As a single-family person, I don't feel safe walking on this street," she said. 

Here's the problem - Azuaga Street is a long straightaway largely hidden from view, just south of the 56. 

There are no homes on the final stretch of the road - one side has a retaining wall up a hill. The other is mostly brush. 

It ends at a condo complex called Terra Vista. 

"There's no lighting, and this is an easy place to hide," Salice said. 

Salice said her HOA has discussed adding a gate to the complex and a guard, but they are cost prohibitive. She says she would like to see more police patrolling the block. 

A look on Crimemapping shows seven reports in the last six months, including vandalism, car break-ins, and petty theft. 

A San Diego Police spokesman says it's vital people report crimes or suspicious activity. That can lead to increased patrols. San Diegans can also request extra patrols online

Residents can use the city's Get It Done app to report cars left at unrestricted spaces for longer than 72 hours.