Neighbors protest woman accused of squatting at 90-year-old widow's home

Posted at 4:38 PM, Oct 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-15 20:17:23-04

A dozen protesters rallied outside of a 90-year-old widow's house Saturday because they want an accused squatter to leave.

“It's not right, it is absolutely not right and she needs to get out,” said Dale Camper, one of the protesters.

He said Cheryl Sherrell has been squatting inside Fran Breslauer’s home on Prosperity Lane for months.

“Did we miss something in society here, why is this person able to stay here when the owner has to leave?” asked Camper.

Breslauer hired Sherrell to take care of her dying husband in 2015. The now widow accused Sherrell of acting inappropriately and asked Sherrell to leave. She never did.

“We need to make sure she sees the message, this isn't right,” said Camper.

Sherrell filed a restraining order against Breslauer and even started sub-letting a room. According to court documents, Sherrell’s attorney claims she has the right to live there because Breslauer left for a few months to live with her daughter.

“You find out something like this can happen, it scares everybody,” said Camper.

Camper said he doesn’t know Breslauer personally, but doesn’t have to.

“This is just all around a travesty,” he said.

He said anyone can see what is happening to Breslauer is unfair.

“We're looking for a solution and maybe we need to get out and change the laws or something,” he said.

10News has tried to get in contact with Sherrell several times, but she refused to talk.

Both parties will be in court in November.

San Diego County Deputy District Attorney Paul Greenwood heads up the Elder Abuse Division, which deals with situations like this on a regular basis.  Greenwood talked to Team 10 about what you can do to protect your family from problems with caregivers and the elderly.