Neighborhood a dumping ground for SDSU students

Posted at 9:27 AM, Jun 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-30 12:27:00-04
SAN DIEGO – El Cerrito and the College Area have become a dumping ground for furniture from State Diego State students, frustrated residents told 10News Wednesday. 
Andrew Olvera has limited vision and said he’s been dealing with the furniture problems since he moved to the neighborhood almost three years ago.
 “I don’t think they realize that some of the folks that live around here, including myself and my girlfriend, are disabled,” Olvera said. “My girlfriend is totally blind, and for her it’s a whole different story. If her guide dog won’t move or she has to move into traffic, it’s actually a little bit dangerous.”
Olvera said that sometimes, because of the seeing eye dog, it alters their walking route to work.
“Sometimes we can’t do it, we’ll have to backtrack a whole block because there will be several bits of furniture from several dorm houses,” he said.
Over the years, Olvera said he’s seen just about everything pop up on his neighborhood sidewalks.
“A decent looking recliner, to futons, furniture that’s in all types of conditions, coffee tables, book cases,” he said.
The mess can be dangerous for Olvera and other disabled residents.
“I think it’s really disrespectful to put it on other people’s property because then we have to deal with it,” said Melinda Tomanka, who lives near SDSU.
The city of San Diego said you can call to report dumps if you find one in your neighborhood.