Neighbor hurls insults at gay man from window

Posted at 10:33 PM, Apr 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-12 02:22:36-04

A homophobic tirade was caught on camera, hurled at a man who says he was just trying to keep his neighborhood clean.

Blake Peterson says he confronted some people that live on Florida Avenue on Sunday, because he says their dogs are never on leashes, chase other dogs and defecate all over the area.

He recorded the confrontation on his cellphone. The video shows a man shoving Peterson's phone away, and calling him a gay slur as he walks away.

"That I, as a professional manager, would approach someone about their dog being off leash on the street and be called [expletive], and every other name under the book," Peterson said.

10News tried to talk to the owners, but a man hung out his window and yelled slurs down at our crew and Peterson.

His girlfriend Heidi defended them, saying he was off his medication and their dogs are trained.

"Your dog does not have to be on a leash," she said. "It's terrible Blake, I'm sorry. He shouldn't be yelling at you like that."

Her apology falls flat for Peterson. He calls it hate speech and says they don't belong here.

"I want to see them move," Peterson said. "I want them out of the neighborhood. Clearly they have not done their homework because if they have a problem with gay people, they should not be living in this neighborhood because we're not going anywhere."

Peterson made a police report after the incident Sunday, and now he's also thinking about filing for a restraining order.