Navy veteran's prized guitar stolen from storage unit

Posted at 6:40 PM, May 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-19 21:49:21-04

A navy veteran, distraught after finding out his prized possession was stolen.


A thief ransacked his storage unit, stealing a guitar that helped him cope with military life.

The heartbroken veteran who wants others to be on the lookout for his musical instrument.


"Highway Star" by Deep Purple. It is a song bringing back good memories.


Jeff Jaszcak is thinking back on his guitar-playing days.


"To me, it's just the memories that are in that guitar," he said.


His white electric guitar. He considers it his baby.


"Oh, it got me through everything," said Jaszcak.


Everything, including his time serving in the Navy.


"I played before I was in the military and and then I was in the military and I traveled in the military and played..." he said.


His guitar had been kept in a storage unit.


"A lot of those instruments that were stored there an just retired, high sentimental value."


But more than a week ago, he and his wife had gotten a dreadful call.


"You may want to come down because your unit has been compromised," said Jaszcak.


When he arrived to his storage unit, the locks had been broken and his stuff was thrown all across the ground.


"Boxes had been open," he said, "records, tax records, personal information, strewn all over the place."


Jaszcak and up to 10 other units had been broken into.


Thieves, taking more than $4,800 worth of his belongings, including his priceless instrument.


"Can't replace that. Can't replace that one. It's a one of a kind," he said.


His message now to others:


"If you see a white guitar that's got stickers all over it and it looks like it got dragged by a car… Then that's a stolen guitar and I want it back," said Jaszcak.


Return the one item that has gotten him through life.


"That was my baby."


10News called the storage units where Jaszcak kept his items. They said they filed a police report following the break-in. They also said they have a secure facility that's monitored 24/7.


If you have seen the guitar, you can contact Jaszcak at