Navy sailor forced out of San Diego apartment after hydrant flooding

Posted at 6:08 PM, May 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-22 21:32:26-04

GRANTVILLE, CA (KGTV) - A temporary relocation is becoming permanent for one Navy sailor.

A driver backed into a hydrant in February causing flooding to 10 units at the Mission Heights Condominiums in Grantville.

Cody Downs was among the affected and hoping to move back in after his apartment was repaired, all while others affected moved out.

The active duty sailor says he was told by the management association in February that he could likely move back in by March. 

“It was just missed deadline after missed deadline,” said Downs.

On Tuesday, Downs signed his 30-day clearance notice after the owner he was renting from told him they were selling the unit because of mounting delays from the management association and contractor.

“I was intending on living here for the foreseeable future,” said Downs, “to have that taken away from me without any regard or any doing is just devastating.”

The management company for the building First Service Residential could not provide a comment but said over the phone that repairing the affected apartments was ’98% resolved.’

Downs is searching for a new place now, but he just wishes he didn’t take them for their word. 

"There was no verification process and I just kept giving trust and trust and maybe in a way I was the betrayed fool,” said Downs, “at the end of the day I lost my home.”