Navy family buys home, finds hidden message in the attic

Former owners may be bringing new homeowners good
Posted at 6:06 PM, Feb 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-01 22:37:05-05
SAN DIEGO - "The moment we walked through the door -- I knew I wanted to live here."
Katrina Leek was smitten with the house on Waring Road at first glance. The bright blue door intrigued her.   She and her husband, Navy Petty Officer First Class Aaron Leek just moved in last week. But something happened during the real estate transaction that surprised everyone.
"I have never seen a cool story like this,” exclaimed Navy reservist and realtor Brian Tague of the Barron Real Estate Group. He was present during the home inspection when the inspector found a surprise in the attic: a poster with an old black and white photo of the former owners.  
There was a message around the picture that read:
“In 1944, two people fell in love and got married. In 1955, they bought this house and raised their 3 daughters here. They lived in this house until they passed away 6 months apart. This was a house FULL of LOVE + LAUGHTER… respect and good times. May the next owner(s) feel the love and create new + happy memories.”
The Leeks and their realtor had no idea who the couple was, as they purchased the property from a house “flipper.” The only names on the picture were “Cis and Ray.” Using those names as a start, 10News anchor Anne State did some digging and discovered the mystery couple was Ray and Helena Adamczyk.
The couple was said to be madly in love and passed away in 2015, just months apart.
Do the new owners feel good energy from the house?
“I do – very calm,”  Katrina said, whose eyes started watering up while talking about the message in the attic.  "They [the Adamczyks] did such a great job raising their family.  And their family wanted this to be known…it's a great story."