Expert: Bomb threat suspect 'immature'

Posted at 11:06 PM, May 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-12 02:33:34-04

Do you recognize this handwriting? Naval Base San Diego released critical evidence Wednesday hoping it leads to the person behind 16 bomb threats since November. The latest one, Wednesday morning.

The $5,000 reward is now up to $10,000. The Navy released the written bomb threats hoping someone will recognize the writing.

We showed the notes to a handwriting expert and she zeroed in on the person behind every letter.

Paula Sassi believes a person's handwriting says a lot about their personality and emotional state.

“Oh, I can see to the soul.”

She is a handwriting expert. We asked her for some insight into the type of person who is behind the 16 bomb threats at Naval Base San Diego since the fall.

“To me it's probably male, immature.”

Perhaps even someone who works at the base.

The characteristics of the writing leads her to believe the writer has a low level job and probably wouldn’t be able to build a bomb.

“Because they're talking about 'bombs' I think it's male. The content is more male. Women tend to write more emotional things.”

After every threat the Navy locked down the base and scoured every inch. They never found anything suspicious. Wednesday, after the 16th threat, the Navy released these samples of the written bomb threats found all over the base. The latest one found in a port-a-potty. 

Sassi said the "O" in the numbers and in the letters is open to the left and this is someone who could be duplicitous, so they're very deceitful. So they can lie their way out of it.

Sassi believes the same person wrote all three notes, describing him as self-absorbed.

"Circles, like people do circles eye dots, it's a need for attention."