Virgin Airlines launches lottery to entice flyers to sit in middle seat

Australia Virgin
Posted at 10:31 AM, Oct 26, 2022

Virgin Australia has found a way to want you to sit in the middle seat of its airplane.

Virgin Airlines is enticing flyers to sit in the middle seat on domestic flights by offering customers a chance to win prizes.

The "middle seat lottery" came about after the company conducted a poll in May and found that only 0.6% of people liked sitting in the middle seat.

To try to change that, the airline will select one winner each week for a total of 26 prizes, valued from a prize pool of over $230,000, including a cruise in the Caribbean with Virgin Voyages and a helicopter pub-crawl extravaganza.

You could also win a two-night vacation in Cairns, Australia, which includes flights, accommodations, and a bungee jump.

To be eligible, you must sit in the middle seat and must enter the competition within 48 hours of your flight’s scheduled departure time.

The offer is good until April 23, 2023.