Trump's new rallying cry: 'BUILD A WALL & CRIME WILL FALL!'

Posted at 8:52 AM, Jan 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-23 11:57:43-05

(KGTV) - President Trump is continuing his effort to drum up support for his proposed border wall, this time introducing a new slogan he said will be used by Republicans going forward.

In a series of tweets Wednesday morning, the president continued to push for border security and his proposed wall as the partial government shutdown enters its 33rd day.

Trump said: “Great unity in the Republican Party. Want to, once and for all, put an end to stoppable crime and drugs! Border Security and Wall. No doubt!”

He then followed with: “BUILD A WALL & CRIME WILL FALL! This is the new theme, for two years until the Wall is finished (under construction now), of the Republican Party. Use it and pray!”

Shortly after, Trump repeated the new theme: “BUILD A WALL & CRIME WILL FALL!”

The government has been shut down over the president’s disagreement with Congress regarding the $5 billion he said is needed to construct the wall at the U.S. southern border -- all of this despite Trump’s insistence during his campaign that Mexico would pay for the proposed structure.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of federal employees across the country remain off the job and have not received paychecks since the government closed in December.