'Sesame Street' episode with autistic character will be available free online

Julia makes her debut April 10 on HBO, YouTube
Posted at 10:33 AM, Apr 05, 2017

The "Sesame Street" episode featuring the debut of an autistic character named Julia will be available free to watch online.

"Meet Julia," which airs April 10 on HBO, will also be posted to the HBO Kids YouTube channel for people without an HBO subscription to watch.

The episode will include the first appearance of Julia, a little girl who has autism, on the long-running children's show.

According to HBO, the episode will show Julia's introduction to the other characters who live on Sesame Street. It aims to help viewers have a better understanding of autism and the behavioral characteristics that go along with it.

A release from HBO says Julia's inclusion in the show is "designed to reduce stigma and increase awareness and understanding of autism."

Below you can see an introduction to Julia's character, with "Sesame Street" writers talking about her personality.

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