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Melinda Gates opens up about 'painful' divorce, meeting Epstein

Melinda Gates
Posted at 11:54 AM, Mar 03, 2022

Melinda French Gates is opening up for the first time since finalizing her divorce from Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.

In an interview with "CBS Mornings" co-host Gayle King, French Gates said after filing for divorce from Gates after 27 years of marriage, there were days that she was upset, and she is working on her journey towards healing.

She told King that there are days she's crying and there are also days she's angry, but that it was "part of the grieving process."

Last May, the couple announced they were separating. Their divorce was finalized in August.

Following their divorce, news of Bill having an affair with a staffer 20 years ago came to light, which a spokesperson for the Microsoft co-founder confirmed last May, USA Today reported.

King asked French Gates about the affair, which she said that eventually, she couldn't trust what they had.

French Gates also spoke about her ex-husband's relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, who she met one time because she needed to "see who this man was."

She told King that she did not like that her former husband had meetings with Epstein, adding that any further questions about that relationship should be addressed with her ex.

In a statement to CBS News, the former Microsoft CEO said that he deeply regrets meeting Epstein, which he called a mistake.