5-week-old in Wisconsin overdoses on opioids

Posted at 7:07 AM, May 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-29 10:13:16-04

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin — A disturbing child neglect case on Milwaukee's south side left a 5-week-old baby in the hospital overdosed on opioids. Versean Anderson, 25, is accused of placing drug syringes in a water jug that was later used to fill the child's bottle.

Three weeks ago, Milwaukee Police were called to Children's Hospital after a baby needed two doses of Narcan to be revived from an overdose. Court records show the child's mother immediately told police the baby's father was responsible.

A south side neighborhood is in shock after a 1-month-old baby was rushed to the hospital. Authorities say she tested positive for "opioids and cocaine in her system."

"It breaks my heart to know that it's actually kids out there going through this type of thing," said neighbor Tevin Johnson.

Court records show a red brick apartment building on the corner of 19th and Rogers is where Anderson was supposed to be watching his baby girl on May 7. Anderson let police inside, where they found a used syringe containing heroin, three needles and a couple of burnt and bent spoons covered in brown residue.

"The defendant described that he and his friend put water from the jug of 'baby water' into the syringe and injected it back into the jug," read the criminal complaint. "The defendant indicated that (his girlfriend) must have used the 'baby water' on the table to make (the baby's) bottle."

His girlfriend confirmed to police that was the case.

"Having to hear in my own neighborhood it's very horrible," said Armando Herrera. "It's unbelievable how people are being so (careless)."

"It breaks my heart to know that it's actually kids out there going through this type of thing."— neighbor Tevin Johnson

Herrera said his block has taken a turn for the worse since the suspect moved in six months ago. He's hoping this frightening incident turns into a major wake-up call.

"I've even seen needles out here just thrown in the street," Herrera said. "I can't even let my kids come out and play."

Thankfully, the baby survived the overdose. Meanwhile, Anderson is bound over for trial for felony child neglect.