AP: Schools step up security in response to threats on TikTok

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Posted at 6:09 PM, Dec 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-17 01:13:37-05

(AP) — Educators have announced plans to increase security in response to TikTok posts warning of shooting and bomb threats at schools around the country Friday.

However officials assured parents the viral posts were not considered credible.

The posts circulating online warned that multiple schools would receive shooting and bomb threats.

The threats had many educators on edge, as they circulated in the aftermath of a deadly school shooting in Michigan, which has been followed by copycat threats to schools around the country.

TikTok said it was working with law enforcement to investigate. The posts follow a disturbing trend that has had students acting out in response to social media challenges.

The Director of Office for Schools with the Diocese of San Diego, John Galvan issued a letter Thursday making parents aware of the TikTok post.