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3D printed ribeye steaks produced in Israel

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Posted at 7:29 PM, Feb 09, 2021

Would you eat a steak made by a 3D printer?

A company in Israel announced Tuesday that it has completed a “proof-of-concept” ribeye steak designed to look, feel and taste like real meat.

Aleph Farms said it is able to use 3D bioprinting technology and the natural building blocks of meat from real cow cells without genetic engineering or slaughtering an animal. The company previously produced a prototype thin steak in 2018 using different technology. Utilizing the 3D bioprinting could allow the company to produce additional types of meat.

The company says, “3D bioprinting technology is the printing of actual living cells that are then incubated to grow, differentiate, and interact, in order to acquire the texture and qualities of a real steak.”

Aleph Farms says it hopes that it can use 3D bioprinting technology to scale up production to create culinary experiences that can be adapted for the different food cultures.

“We recognize some consumers will crave thicker and fattier cuts of meat,” said Aleph Farms CEO Didier Toubia.“This accomplishment represents our commitment to meeting our consumer’s unique preferences and taste buds, and we will continue to progressively diversify our offerings,” adds Toubia. “Additional meat designs will drive a larger impact in the mid and long term. This milestone for me marks a major leap in fulfilling our vision of leading a global food system transition toward a more sustainable, equitable and secure world.”