Enjoy your stay... in a shipping container?

Posted at 5:33 PM, Apr 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-22 12:15:26-04

Officials overseeing a South Bay marina have asked the Unified Port of San Diego for permission to convert cargo containers into rentable living spaces along its jetty in National City.

Pier 32 Marina General Manager Greg Boeh told 10News their parent company, G.B. Capital Holdings and the Sycuan Tribal Development Corporation, submitted plans that include three hotels, an RV park, dry storage for hundreds of boats and a series of 21 containers that would be converted into rental rooms along the jetty that separates the marina from the Sweetwater River.

"We have been working on an expansion plan from when before we opened [in 2006]," said Boeh.

The containers would be anchored to the jetty and extend out over the river with a view of the Sweetwater Marsh to the south.

"Wonderful, wonderful idea and it fits right in," said Boeh, who added it combines the nearby maritime industry with the marina community.

The plans are in the early stages, and Boeh said the best-case scenario -- which includes getting approval from multiple agencies -- would see the cargo containers being ready for rent in three years.