Mystery surrounds death of local man

Posted at 6:53 PM, Dec 21, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-21 21:53:58-05

There is mystery surrounding the death of a San Diego man who died while based at the Ronald Reagan Army post in Kwajalein Atoll.

Dennis Kraesig still wears his son's watch with the time of his death on it. Nine months have passed, and Dennis still does not know exactly what happened the night Mikey died.

"Thanksgiving was particularly tough, and this week is going to be tough," Dennis said.

He misses his son's laugh the most.

"He could make anybody laugh," he added. "His laugh just resounds in my memory."

Mikey worked as a contractor operating missile-tracking computers at the base in the north Pacific.

"That night in particular, it was after bowling, and they were partying," he said.

He was told they were riding in a rented golf cart, and Mikey fell out.

Dennis flew out to be at his son's side, and those three days took a toll on his heart. They kept him alive until his mom could say goodbye.

Dennis found comfort knowing his son's organs would save lives. That changed in the final steps.

"They found out he had cancer on his kidneys, and we couldn't donate his organs," Dennis said, "It felt like he died again and again."

Dennis noticed there wasn't any road rash on his son's body. He said the coroner took note of that and the two separate blows to his head.

"He said that was curious," Dennis said.

He said the Army CID provided the coroner with only two witnesses; one was the driver, and the other was not there when it happened.

"He thought that was odd, but the autopsy was complete, and Michael had been cremated," Dennis explained.

He said the U.S. Attorney's office told him everyone knows everyone was drinking that night. Dennis is struggling to understand why no legal action has been taken. If nothing else, he would like to see seatbelts required and helmets in the carts.

"It will give me some solace that something happened that was positive, but my heart will never be healed," he said. "There's a piece missing."

We contacted the Army CID. They told 10News they are working to get information about the case, but did not call back by the time of the story.