Woman needs help finding owner of wedding ring

Posted at 6:56 PM, Dec 22, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-22 21:56:39-05

A Carlsbad woman found a wedding ring on the beach on Monday.

Now, she's putting people who say it's theirs to the test. 

Cindy Michaels takes bags with her on her walks to help clean the beach. But when she looked down from the rocks at Carlsbad State Beach on Monday, what she thought was trash - a metal bottle cap - turned out to be treasure.

"It was a simple gold men's wedding band," she said. 

Now, she's hoping to get the ring back to its owner, by asking for something nobody else would know.

"It has an inscription on the inside," she said. "I won't say what it is because I want the rightful owner to know already what it is."

10News ran a photo of the ring last night, and got several phone calls from viewers saying the ring was theirs. But when Michaels called all of them today, none of them knew the inscription.

She said the search will go on.

"I think with this story it'll get out even more," she said.

And then maybe she'll learn the real story behind the inscription only a handful of others know. For now, all she'll say is that there is no name on it, and that it has a nice message.