Campaign signs pop up on private property

Posted at 7:42 PM, May 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-20 22:42:43-04

Elisse Moore wants boats and u-hauls to catch the eyes of those on Mission Bay Drive, not the campaign signs that mysteriously appeared on their property.  “We have no political influence and we don't enter politics at all,” Moore said.

But that's not the impression some drivers are getting.  Dozens of feet high and out of reach are these boards, backing a city attorney and judicial candidates.  “For us it's criminal trespass,” she said.  To get onto the SD JetSki’s property and close to the lights, someone has to step over two planters and up an incline.  "You would have to be blind in order not to know this was private property,” Moore said.

10News reached out to each of the campaigns listed on the signs - Robert Hickey for city attorney, judicial candidates Paul Ware, Kerry Katz and James Mangione.  A spokeswoman who represents both Matz and Mangione said a company called Candidate Outdoor Graphic Service, or COGS, makes the signs.

She said a placement service called Impact Placement posts them around town. A number for the company went to a nonspecific voicemail.

“I've sent over 35 emails to the PR firm, the San Diego police officers association," Moore said.  The Police Officers’ Association funded the sign for Hickey.  Their spokeswoman tells 10News they didn't put up the signs and that the company that did is not affiliated with them.

Hickey's spokesman said it wasn't their sign.  Ware's campaign couldn't be reached.  "The signs are 30 feet high, and put on the property in the middle of the night. Who does that?" Moore said.  It's a question Moore keeps asking, without a straight answer.  But she just hopes potential customers see the boats, beyond the signs.