Murder victim's tattoo artist 'devastated'

Posted at 10:03 AM, Apr 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-09 13:05:30-04

San Diego police arrested a man for murdering a woman and stuffing her body in a suitcase.

Tattoo artist Tommy Gunz was upset because he gave the woman her last tattoo.

"You know, it's like someone that came in, tipped me well, and she left, and then know next thing I know she's dead," he said.

Wednesday, police found Shauna Haynes stuffed in a suitcase in downtown San Diego. They arrested Joshua Palmer for killing her.

Tommy Gunz says he remembers Palmer coming with her that day.

"She had a boyfriend with her," he said. "It's weird because he didn't seem like he was a mean person or nothing like that when he was here with her. But you know what I mean you never know."

He says Haynes told him the tattoo was in memory of a friend who passed away, but now he'll always remember her because of it.

"It's a girl that I tattooed that was found, you know, in a suitcase. Like, that's pretty devastating."

Palmer is being charged with first-degree murder. He'll appear in court Tuesday.