MTS riders affected by strike

Posted at 7:18 PM, May 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-26 22:18:14-04

Michelle Beathe contacted 10News because she needs help getting to her doctors appointments.

MTS contracts drivers from First Transit. Those drivers are on strike demanding higher pay and benefits.

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"You're making it difficult on me, you're putting an impact on a lot of people," Beathe said.

Beathe waits for the bus at Bradley and Sams Hill Road. For now, her bus won't be arriving.

Beathe qualifies for paratransit to take her to and from doctors appointments, but today she couldn't get a ride to the doctor's office.

"Sometimes I have difficulty breathing," she said. "I can't walk five blocks sometimes."

MTS told 10News only two percent of riders are affected. They're able to accommodate and 1,200 of the typical 1,900 paratransit riders by contracting carriers and cabs for $4.50 each way.

Beathe told 10News she can't afford that and with her medical ID card, she doesn't pay for rides. If she has to take the trolley, she only pays $1.10.

"I just want to get this problem resolved now, no two to three weeks later," she said "I can't be doing this anymore."

MTS tells 10News about 4,300 of their 350,000 daily riders are affected by the strike.