Mother attacked by homeless woman at North Park apartment complex

Posted at 4:51 PM, Sep 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-16 19:52:06-04

A North Park woman says she was attacked by a homeless woman at her apartment complex.

Covered in bruises, Cherri Roediger showed 10News the injuries she says she sustained after what she calls a ‘beat down’ by a homeless woman right outside her door. 

“This was from her, and the eyes all red on the white,” said Roediger, showing off her black eye. 

A woman Roediger says is usually sleeping on the lawn in front of her North Park apartment complex was inside the complex sleeping on a stairwell Monday.

“I told her 'you can’t sleep here,' and I went to take a picture and she came up and just clocked me.”

Roediger says she was trying not to fight back as she was attacked, dropped to the floor and punched repeatedly.

A giant clump of her hair is still hanging on a plant near the concrete.

Roediger’s 14-year-old son watched it all and called police.

Roediger says a neighbor had been helping the woman by occasionally allowing her to shower and to get mail at her address. When the cops showed up, she says they told her they couldn’t arrest the woman or even make her leave because with proof of address, she had established residency.

“I just don’t understand the laws, I seriously got trashed, I didn’t hit back until God I had to get up and man I just got beat up in front of my kid, in front of my house, doesn’t seem fair.”

San Diego police told 10News the woman may have been staying with a neighbor of Roediger’s and there is a residency dispute involved which they cannot get in the middle of.

They issued the woman a citation for misdemeanor battery and the case has been turned over to the City Attorney for prosecution.