More parrots being shot in Ocean Beach, Pt. Loma

Posted at 11:16 PM, Feb 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-25 02:16:28-05

People in Ocean Beach and Point Loma are trying to understand why someone is shooting the endangered parrots.

The last of three parrots shot in the last four days died Wednesday.

A video taken by SoCal Parrot showed the bird limping around with a broken wing, the injuries caused by a pellet gun.

Patricia Simpson and her neighbor found him and another parrot in the middle of the road in Point Loma. She says his mate was already dead.

"I couldn't stand to leave it there and I picked it up," she said.

SoCal Parrot says someone has killed at least five parrots with a pellet gun this year.

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10News tested the strength of a pellet gun by firing one at The Gun Range San Diego. Even though pellet guns don't use real bullets, it was obvious they can cause a lot of damage.

Unfortunately, pellets are too similar to track, but investigators believe the same person killed the two in Simpson's neighborhood. She says it's hard to see the birds with a bullseye on their backs.

"Target practice? Games? I don't know but it's just not right. It's just very, very wrong," Simpson said.

SoCal Parrot says it's also the start of "baby season" so a lot of the birds might already have nests set up for their eggs.

“They’re together," Simpson said. "So if you kill one parrot you are almost killing the second one.”

SoCal Parrot will pursue felony animal cruelty charges against anyone caught shooting the parrots.