Mom to Lakeside AYSO: Let my son play soccer

Posted at 7:08 PM, Mar 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-02 22:08:29-05
LAKESIDE, Calif. - For decades, the motto of AYSO has been “everyone plays.”  Instead, a local Mom says her son is being turned away from the Lakeside league – and she claims it’s personal.
Kelly Parsons says her son, 12-year-old Dustin Godbold, is a protective big brother, and an even more protective soccer goalie.  
“He works really hard,” she said, pointing to pictures on the family’s refrigerator.  
Parsons says her son is a straight A student. He was an All-Star soccer player, too, until this spring.
"Lakeside AYSO is not welcoming him," she claims.
Parsons sent 10News a picture of her paid soccer registration, dated February 14th. She also sent a picture of a cancelation notice dated the very next day. Parsons started a petition on that says, “Allow son to play soccer.”  
The petition claims that Dustin has been “banned” from playing in Lakeside, “because the Regional Commissioner does not like me.”
10News contacted the commissioner earlier this week asking if Dustin had been banned from AYSO. The answer? An emphatic “no.” But Parsons claims she got a different answer days later.
"So, he didn't ban Dustin from AYSO as a whole -- but he's  not welcome in Lakeside,” she said.
10News called the Regional Commissioner again on Friday, asking why Dustin’s registration was canceled.  
He said he could answer questions next week and that spring registration is now closed. Parsons played audio for 10News purportedly recorded during an AYSO meeting this week in Lakeside, where Parsons was allegedly told, ‘the antics have to stop.”
Parsons thinks she ruffled feathers by asking too many questions on social media – and now Dustin is paying the price.  
"He just wants to play with his friends at the field where he goes to school."
10News reached out to another local AYSO leader but our calls were not returned.  
10News also reached out to AYSO’s national marketing director who told us she thought there were not enough spots on the team for Dustin, but that the family was offered other options.  
Parsons disputes that.