Mobile pot shops the new trend in San Diego

Posted at 7:14 AM, Oct 01, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-01 10:14:20-04
SAN DIEGO -- You might think of pot shops as brick and mortar, but a new kind in San Diego has four wheels.
“It’s hard for people to get busted this way, for now,” said the owner of Green Street Medicinals, John, who asked 10News not to use his real name.
John’s business is not entirely legal, but not entirely illegal either.
“It’s state legal, yes.”
John operates one of dozens of medical marijuana delivery businesses popping up all over San Diego. The website shows mobile marijuana businesses in nearly every neighborhood in the San Diego area.
 “Now people are getting a little bit braver to get out there. Before, when you were facing a long time prison time, yeah it’s scary,” John said.
John set up his business through a lawyer and claims he obeys all state medical marijuana laws. He asks for and verifies all his clients’ red medical marijuana cards.
“When the feds started busting all the dispensaries, people still wanted to get their products, so they turned to deliveries,” John said.
There are just a few locally-regulated marijuana dispensary storefronts in the city of San Diego. They take months of city approval and hundreds of thousands of dollars to start.
A San Diego city spokeswoman told 10News the marijuana delivery services are a gray area when it comes to city law. Like the internet, the practice has moved faster than the laws can keep up.
“It’s just how it is, until it’s fully legal, it’s a constant cat and mouse game,” John said.