Missing dog rescued from canyon, taken to the vet

Posted at 4:46 PM, Dec 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-17 15:52:31-05

More than one month after she went missing from home, a Mira Mesa dog and her owner are reunited. 

Jackie Perdue first reported her dogs, Zoey and Coco, missing around Halloween after her home was broken into. The doors of the home had been left open and both dogs were missing. 

Good news came in the form of surveillance video from a nearby canyon. Four years ago Jack Mcinerney placed cameras on the trails to watch wildlife. Those cameras, saved Zoey's life. 

In the videos, there's no sign of Coco, but Zoey is seen as frail, scared and in excruciating pain due to broken legs. She's been dragging her back legs behind her for weeks. 

By chance, Mcinerney showed the video to someone who recognized Zoey as the dog covered by 10News and notified Perdue. Thursday she and a search group went out to find the lab/ pit mix but only found tracks left by Zoey. 

On Friday, multiple groups got together to comb the canyon and get Zoey to a vet and ultimately back home with Perdue. 

Zoey immedietely recognized Jackie and was visibly happy to be reunited with her. The dog remains at the veterinarian's office. Her family was told that he has a broken back and no feeling in her back legs. She may never walk again. 

10News reporter Hannah Mullins was so concerned with Zoey's safety after covering the story Thursday that she decided to use her day off to help search near Carroll Canyon Road. Ultimately, Hannah was the one who spotted Zoey and helped the San Diego Humane Society’s Animal Rescue Reserve team get her out of the canyon.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the family with medical Zoey's medical expenses:

Zoey was treated by a veterinarian overnight and was expected to be able to go home on Saturday. Also, a number of kind 10News viewers have reached out to help -- one offered a wheelchair and another offered to do a free painting of Coco, who remains missing.