Honor Flight San Diego: Mail Call tells story of a Korean War Vet, wife decades later

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Posted at 5:12 PM, May 01, 2023

WASHINGTON, DC — Honor Flight San Diego has taken to the skies with 90 veterans who served in World War II, Korea and Vietnam.

Each one was greeted with more than 5,000 very special letters from our community and their loved ones.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it's now time for Mail Call," said David Smith, the founder of Honor Flight San Diego, over the loudspeaker.

The letters thanked the heroes for their selfless service to our country.

It was an emotional experience for one Korean War veteran.

"Thank you for being a wonderful husband-loving and taking care of me and our children," read Clifford Anderson, U.S. Army veteran. "Have a wonderful weekend. Take pictures and enjoy your trip."

It was a letter from the woman who waited for him while he was serving our country on the front lines in Korea.

"We had only twice, was able to get away from the front line for the shower and to rest on the cot, but otherwise, I was in a bunker or else on patrol every night," said Anderson.

He remembers writing to his bride-to-be all those years ago.

"In which I said, '116 days without sleeping through the night, and so I'm catching up on my sleep now.'"

He said there were six times during those four months that he could've been killed.

"I don't know who took my place, but I made it out," he said.

Because he made it home safely, their love story blossomed into a beautiful marriage of more than 60 years.

The couple has three kids and six grandchildren.

"I feel thankful that I was able to serve my country but also serve since coming back, my lord," said Anderson.

The next Honor Flight is set to take the skies in September.

Honor Flight San Diego is still looking to track down remaining WWII and Korean veterans who haven't been on an Honor Flight.

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