Bracelet belonging to ex-SD mayor found in Vegas

Posted at 6:58 PM, Mar 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-03 21:58:20-05

A military bracelet recently found in the Las Vegas area reveals a shady part of San Diego's history.

David Casper of Hillcrest Pawn Brokers has seen a lot of different items come through his business.

"We've seen 4k diamond rings. We've seen 30,000 shotguns. All the way down to a $10 portable DVD player," he said.

"Everything that walks through that door has a history," Casper added. "Sometimes it can be very interesting. Sometimes it can be very mundane history, but it always has a history. Everything has a history."

One piece of San Diego history -- a bracelet -- was recently found near Las Vegas, and it's still in Nevada.

"Part of the history of the item is part of what makes it interesting and fascinating for people to learn about," Casper said.

The bracelet belonged to Rutherford B. Irones.

"Several San Diego mayors have their own history and their own stories of all sorts of creative stuff," said Casper.

Irones was once mayor of San Diego -- for six months beginning in August 1934.

He crashed the city Lincoln into another car, injuring the people inside and speeding away before crashing into a telephone phone. He resigned and served six months jail time.

If that bracelet made into this shop, Casper said, "We're kind of like the pound, where our object is to find that object a better home."

Casper would try to find the family.

"I would give them at least first option," he said.