Migrants from Central American caravan scared and hopeful for asylum

Posted at 9:48 PM, Apr 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-30 00:48:43-04

Migrants scared, not knowing what to expect as they reached their destination, the San Ysidro Port of Entry, requesting asylum. 

Hundreds of people chanted as they approached the border with their families, including young children. They traveled thousands of miles from Central America with hope for a better life in America.

One young man told 10 News he was fleeing violence, saying police attacked him and stole from him. He hopes for more opportunities, like a job and education in the U.S.

Alfonso Rosales saw the migrants as he came over the border, saying in Spanish, they were excited and happy, cheering that they've reached their goal.

Several immigrants told 10 News in Mexico they were scared, afraid what the process would entail and of being turned away.

One father, Pedro Ismael Varela, said he's worried about being separated from his young son.

At the border agents stopped the caravan saying they were at capacity. Members of the group say there's about 20 people waiting at the door for their turn, and the rest of the group waiting in Mexico.

The port of entry is a 24 hour operation, and will be open overnight to process people wanting to come through the border.

"A lot of them get detained, some of them not, that’s the next step, it’s case by case," Alor Calderon, Director of Employer Rights Center said. He added that his role at the border was an "observer" to ensure the migrants are being processed fairly and appropriately.

He said those in the caravan understand they could end up in a detention facility, and they're okay with it, "Yes because they’re they’re escaping what they feel is death and escaping what they think is a life without possibilities."