Mayor vows to fix more roads in San Diego

Posted at 6:27 PM, Apr 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-13 21:27:43-04

If you drive a lot in San Diego you might notice the roads getting smoother. Mayor Kevin Faulconer vowed to fix more of the city's roads as part of his budget plan for 2018. 

10News spoke to a local about how the roads have changed over the years. 

Bob Wilkinson has been in San Diego for a long time. 
"I was here when the roads were just put in."
He says the potholes just keep getting worse. 
"I'm always taking a swerve here or there."
He stays active by running around Mission Bay. The potholes are an issue there too. 
"We also get them when we run so they're out there."
Wilkinson says that's not enough. 
"Of course we're making new roads but I don't think we're keeping up with all the roads that we have to keep up with. We've got more people, we've got more roads and it just means that we need more help to take care of them."
When the repairs do happen they sometimes don't last long. 
"Just to throw some stuff in a pothole, you're asking for a nice day and another couple more days and it's going to be a pothole again."
So for now, he has to be on the lookout. 
"I bike often and you're just constantly moving around the potholes. You're aware of it. They're there."
The mayor says you won't necessarily see more crews out on the roads making repairs. The city has been able to increase the efficiency of repairs by improving contracts and adding more people to their pothole repair teams. 
According to an independent study released in the budget, the overall condition of roads in the city of San Diego have improved by 20% since 2011.