Tennessee couple's 'Are you pregnant?!' video goes viral

Posted at 5:38 PM, Nov 07, 2014
and last updated 2014-11-08 18:02:47-05

Hilary and Tim Barrett, of Maryville, Tennessee, found a sweet way to reveal to their two daughters that they’ll soon be having a new sibling, yet the girls’ response was even sweeter.

The Barretts posted a video of the exchange on YouTube on Oct. 21, and the response has been explosively positive, drawing more than 800,000 views and eliciting comments from around the world.

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In the video, the couple gives each girl – Harleigh, 11, and Christina, 8 - an individual cookie cake and has them open them in front of the camera. Christina’s cookie says “Big Sister,” while the older Harleigh’s cookie says, “Big Sister Again.”

The children puzzle over the meaning of the cookies at first, and Christina suddenly bolts to her feet and asks her mom, “Are you pregnant?!?”

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After confirmation that, indeed, they’re going to be big sisters, the girls scream and jump around and later marvel at an ultrasound image of their sibling.

Hilary tells the girls they don’t yet know the gender of the baby, and Tim tells them the due date is May 10.

Hilary says the cookies were from Great American Cookies in Foothills Mall, Maryville. She is a dance teacher at Artistic Dance Unlimited in Alcoa, and Tim works for Celebrity Coaches, which is based in Nashville.

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The Barretts have been approached for potential appearances on nationally syndicated TV talk shows.

Many comments on the YouTube video make reference to the sweet and genuine nature of the girls’ reactions, perhaps best represented by SuperJV4x’s most-liked comment, “I can’t comprehend being in a family with that kind of love.”