Man turns Kensington park into private bathroom

Posted at 7:45 AM, Mar 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-04 11:27:24-05
SAN DIEGO -- Jerome Stehly was just trying to being kind. 
For several weeks, he let a homeless man with a skateboard use the bathroom each morning at his business, Stehly Farms Market, on Adams Avenue in Kensington.
“We just let him use it,” Stehly said.
However, the situation got out-of-hand.
“He was using the sink as a shower,” Stehly said. “Saturday we asked him not to come back.”
The man apparently has another place to go to the bathroom: the park at the Kensington Library, where he often sleeps, neighbors said.
“He was standing right here and he spent a lot of time pooping,” Sally Martin said pointing to a bench at the rear of the library near some shrubs.
“It was just a pile, and he didn’t make an effort to clean it up,” Martin said.
The man is pooping out in the open, just feet from the playground. 
“In fact, an hour later, two little girls were jumping up and down off of this bench and playing right in the area,” Martin said.
But it is more than feces that has neighbors worried. Stehly said on Sunday, the man followed a teenage cashier home at night. 
“So, he just followed her home and it just kind of scared her. “And he stood out in front of the house for a little while and then left.” 
The young homeless man with a skateboard has not committed a crime other than public pooping.
“He scares people,” Stehly said.  
Neighbors don’t know what to do. 
 “We are just telling all our employees, take a buddy home, it’s the buddy system now until this guy decides to find another place,” Stehly said.
10News contacted the San Diego Police Department regarding the neighbors’ concerns Thursday evening. It did not get an immediate response.