Man shot, killed in Lemon Grove neighborhood

Posted at 4:53 AM, Sep 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-07 14:56:32-04

LEMON GROVE (KGTV) -- The search is on for a killer after a young man was found by Deputies with a mortal gunshot wound in Lemon Grove. Sheriff's investigators say the incident does not appear to be gang related. 


Some residents along Pacific Avenue, near West Street say they heard what sounded like two gunshots around 11:30pm Thursday.  


"Probably like 10 minutes after I laid down i heard a gunshot; the first one pow," said Monica Cooper who lives close to the investigation scene. "And then probably within 30 seconds or more I heard another one."


Sheriff's Lt. Rich Williams with the Sheriff's Homicide Unit said Deputies on patrol spotted a blue, Chrysler 200 stopped in the middle of Pacific Ave near West street. Inside the vehicle was a young couple; the woman at the wheel, the man gravely injured in the passenger seat with what appeared to be a gunshot wound. 


"She stopped that vehicle in the middle of the street," said Lt. Williams, "realizing he was in medical distress and just stopped right there to try to get help for him."


Lt. Williams said deputies reported the victim's breathing was shallow and then stopped all together. They immediately began CPR until medics took over but the man was declared dead at the scene.


Deputies taped off two blocks of Pacific Avenue for several hours while going door to door looking for witnesses or possible suspects.


"I don't know if the guy was a bad guy or what," said Monica, but I don't think anybody deserves that." 


A 22-caliber shell casing was found near the vehicle but its unknown if its connected.


Lt. Williams says the woman driving the car was being interviewed but did he could not say what she may have revealed about the circumstances of the shooting. 


10NEWS digital news producer Jermaine Ong contributed to this report.