Man searches for owner of long-lost love journal

Posted at 11:47 PM, May 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-23 02:47:12-04

A Santa Barbara man is on a mission to find two people in love, and he believes the key to finding them is 200 miles away in San Diego.

If you talk to Leon Lewandowski for five minutes, you'll realized he was the perfect person to find a lost journal.

"I just believe in love," Lewandowski said. "So I'm a romantic guy."

His part in this story started at La Cumbre Junior High School in Santa Barbara in 2011 when he was a teacher there.

"I came across this leather journal," Lewandowski said. "A journal of two lovers. 'The story of us.' It wasn't dug out of the trash, it was set aside on something so I don't know their story, I don't know the reason why, I don't know what became of them.

The journal starts in 2006 and ends in 2007. So it's about 18 months of love letters between two people named Brent and Laura.

Lewandowski has now been trying to find Brent and Laura for the past six years. While he's never read through the entire journal to protect their privacy, he has skimmed the book for clues.

"Six years. I feel like a detective," he said. "I just hit dead end after dead end after dead end."

This past April, Lewandowski started up his search again to try to reunite the journal with the rightful owners as part of Random Acts of Kindness Month.

He found a clue that he never noticed before.

"It says up top here 'Winston and Megan's wedding.' The entry was 2007 so I typed, I googled 'Winston and Megan's wedding 2007' and I got a hit! I got a lead!"

It brought him to a blog post by Elite British DJ, which describes a wedding held at The Dana in San Diego on Sunday, March 31, 2007.

Lewandowski believes Brent and Laura went to this wedding together because of other entries titled "more San Diego pictures" and a pamphlet from the San Diego Catamaran Resort Hotel Spa

"And so I said 'You know what? If we could go on air, somehow in San Diego, someone knows Winston and Megan, who got married a decade ago," Lewandowski said. "And if we can find them, they can get this back to Brent and Laura.'"

He knows it might not be a happy reunion, but he believes, whatever happens, is meant to be.

"If they're still together, what a wonderful gift. If they're not together, it's really not my place to just make that decision what happens to this, he said. "This could be about Laura and Brent, and this could be about kindness, but I really think that it's just about love."

Lewandowski says he will have some questions for whoever tries to claim the journal to make sure it gets back to the right couple.

10News has put in several calls to venues around San Diego trying to help track down the couple.

If you think you might know who Brent and Laura are, or who Megan and Winston are, you can e-mail: