Man Finds Stranger in His Bedroom

Posted at 5:24 PM, Jun 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-17 00:50:05-04

SANTEE, Calif., (KGTV) — Lee Johnson, 73, said a man broke into his home Thursday around 2:20 am. 

“I was just laying here like this, and my dog started howling, and I looked over,” said Johnson.

He said he saw a man standing just feet from his bed.

“I saw the guy standing over there, and I told him to get out," Johnson said. "I asked what are you doing in my room, and he started running, and I got up."

Johnson said he tried to catch the man, but it happened so fast, the guy got away. He suspects the stranger was trying to rob him, but he didn’t get away with anything. He's not sure how long the suspect was in his bedroom. 

“He was trying to rob me," Johnson said. "I don't know what he was looking for cause I don't got anything."

He suspects the man was casing his home before he entered through the front door. 

“Beat the hell out of him, that was what was going through my mind if comes back,” said Johnson.