Man faced with possible gun while in traffic

Posted at 11:48 PM, Feb 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-02 02:48:21-05

Some La Mesa residents are concerned after multiple people have reported frightening run-ins with a man on a bicycle.

Dr. Bruce L. Thiessen told 10News that he was sitting in his car earlier this week in traffic on Grossmont Blvd. when the man rode up to him and pointed what looked like a gun just inches from his head.

“I hear this loud yelling noise, and I see this character coming right at me like this, and it looks like he’s holding a gun,” Thiessen said. “Next thing I know, it’s like about, he reaches right into my window, and he holds it three or four inches from my head.”

Thiessen said it was tough to determine what the man was holding because it was dark and the object he was holding was wrapped in cloth.

“He had a mask, it looked like he was wearing a mask or a scarf over the front of his face,” Thiessen said. “It was surreal, it was almost like it wasn’t happening, and it happened so quickly.”

Thiessen said he called 9/11, and said that officers told him they had received similar calls about the same threatening person.

Another La Mesa woman said her son witnessed the man screaming and threatening people at the Circle K gas station on La Mesa Blvd.

“It makes people not want to go outside, not want to go shopping at the mall," Thiessen said. "This individual is going out and terrorizing people, and it’s alarming."