Man accused of being a drug dealer in posters

Someone put the posters all over Ocean Beach
Posted at 11:27 PM, Dec 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-02 02:27:03-05

A picture, a phone number and a promise to deliver drugs 24/7. It’s all information posted on a suspicious flyer that has been making its way around Ocean Beach.

The flyers have been spotted on light poles, street corners and in alleys across the neighborhood over the past few weeks, making some OB residents nervous, and others simply curious as to why someone would advertise something that is obviously illegal.

“That’s not the kind of number I would want to call,” one man told 10News.

“I’m not surprised, sorry, I’m not shocked, and I bet people will call that number,” a woman said.
“A lot of people want drugs.”

10News tracked down a man who said he is a friend of the man who is listed in the flyer. He said that this is a sick prank, and that his friend didn’t post the flyers, isn’t a drug dealer and has been trying to turn the other cheek since they flyers were posted.

“I know the person, and I think he made an ex-girlfriend very angry,” Robert Ward said. “He hasn’t really said much, he just kind of ignores it.”

Some Ocean Beach residents said they’ve reported the flyers to police.