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San Diego's top neighborhoods to get more rental space for the money

San Diego's top neighborhoods to get more rental space for the money
Posted at 6:10 PM, Oct 16, 2018

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - Looking for more space for your money? The Del Cerro and Torrey Highlands are the best San Diego neighborhoods for renters, according to HotPads.

Analysts evaluated rental size and price per square foot. San Diego’s median rental size is 1,154 feet, and renters can expect to spend $2.32 per square foot of space.

The median rental size in Torrey Highlands is 2,033 square feet, at $2.14 per square foot, HotPads reported. Del Cerro residents pay $1.77 per square foot, with a median rental size of 1,710 square feet. Rancho Peñasquitos, Miramar Ranch North (Scripps Ranch), and the South Bay neighborhood of Ocean Crest are also in the top five communities with the most space for the money.

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Las Vegas, a top destination for San Diegans who choose to leave the city, has some of the largest rentals and the most affordable rents. Raleigh, North Carolina, is also a good value, according to HotPads analysts.

Denver and Boston have the smallest rentals for the money, averaging about 1,050 square feet. By comparison, Los Angeles and San Francisco average at 1,200 square feet.

Size matters, but not as much as price. A Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report showed 82 percent of renters named affordability as a top concern, 42 percent said finding the right size rental was extremely or very important.

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