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San Diego pool owners make extra cash with 'Swimply'

Posted at 7:14 PM, Jul 14, 2022

KGTV (San Diego) — Kristy Aragon's backyard has become a popular spot, not just for her family and friends but for perfect strangers.

A year ago she and her husband came across "Simply", an online marketplace for renting private pools.

Their space is ideal, with plenty of amenities and a separate bathroom for guests.

Their so-called "Mountain View Pool and Spa" rents by the hour and has already proven profitable.

"We're at around $15,000 right now and we're anticipating at the year mark we'll probably hit $20,000," said Aragon.

It's a success story "Swimply" co-founder Asher Weinberger says they're seeing more and more of these days.

The site launched in 2019 and has already grown tremendously.

"We grew by over 4 and half thousand percent year over year during Covid," said Weinberger.

Hosts list their space, set the price and rules; renters can browse the selections and find what works for them.

"The range goes from $15 an hour to $200 dollars an hour depending on the pool and the amenities," said Weinberger.

It's a way to make extra money that he says is especially catching on in our area. with the site showing dozens of listings in San Diego County.

Weinberger says the company ensures hosts are covered should anything happen.

"We have a $1 million dollar insurance product, very similar to every other sharing economy company. Every single booking is covered up to a million dollars, there's also property damage."

It's one of the things that convinced Aragon to take the plunge and she says she's glad she did.

"It's a lot of reward for very little work. There's just been a lot of really good things that have come out of it," said Aragon.