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Ocean Beach duo cook up 'foodie' meals on $5 a day budget

Posted at 9:06 AM, Jun 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-07 12:06:36-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - What started as a cost-saving experiment became a way of life for an Ocean Beach brother and sister.

Lucy Holland and Ethan Eron say they both love living in San Diego just blocks away from the beach. However, they knew they had to cut costs in order for both of their families to be able to stay here.

Along with their parents, the brother and sister created easy, healthy and affordable meals that come out to just $5 a person, per day. The cost can fluctuate depending on how many servings a family member has, but still keeps costs low.

See a sample weekly meal plan HERE.

"This started in 2008 - around the time of the recession - everyone was starting to cut down on costs and I was a grad student at the time, I was on a tight budget anyway," said Holland.

The family created a website in order to easily share recipes with each other and eventually the word spread to friends.

Now they offer the meals at no charge on their website, The $5 Foodie.

Each recipe has a cost calculator, listing how much ingredients cost per serving.

Holland and Eron say it's critical to plan your meals and shopping list ahead of time. They don't waste any food and keep affordable ingredients like rice, pasta, and potatoes on hand.

It's rare they out for dinner or lunch and instead bring leftovers to work. 

Holland estimates each of their households saves about $2,315 a year on food, or 30 percent of what the average American household pays a year on groceries and eating out.

Holland puts her cost-savings towards childcare.

A $5 Foodie day could look like this:

Holland also says sometimes you can find better deals online like chia seeds on Amazon that come out to $3.69 a pound.

Eron often buys in bulk at Costco, but he recommends this only if your family is able to finish everything.

The duo says they're making it in San Diego by cutting food costs, without losing the 'foodie' mentality.