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North County family enjoying the process of homesteading following pandemic

Posted at 5:51 PM, Oct 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-07 20:51:15-04

VISTA, Cailf. (KGTV) — On Joshua and Tara Armbruster's property in Vista you will find lots of chickens, four goats, a large vegetable garden, and a friendly pig named Zoinks.

It's all part of a new lifestyle they've taken on as homesteaders.

"Anyone can do this, you just have to have the desire and the effort it takes," said the Vista couple.

Homesteading is a lifestyle of self sufficiency and it's been around forever. But ever since the COVID-19 pandemic appeared in March 2020, more families are becoming aware of it.

"I look at it as living a more sustainable life. I enjoy knowing where my food comes from it's being outside in nature."

For people interested in possibly becoming homesteaders, Heather Thelen of Hawthorne County stores, says her business can get you started. They offer classes in everything from raising chickens and cheese making, to coaching.

Heather points out that all homesteading is, is knowing what you have available and how to make it work to sustain what you and your family needs.

"The Armbrusters,"Heather says,"are a perfect example of a family who wanted to do this, had the time, and had kids that they wanted to get involved with it."

So what are the Armbrusters' getting now from homesteading that they used to buy at the grocery story? As it turns out, quite a lot.

"Lots of eggs and milk. We have honey and all the veggies."

Tara Armbruster has always had a love for gardening as well as chickens. As it turns out, that combination has led to a healthier lifestyle.

"I know I have a healthier product because I'm not spraying pesticides all over it."

Tara and Joshua have found a love and excitement in homesteading. There is even a possibility they will turn their passion into a small business. For now though, they continue to figure out what their plan may be as they go along. A

"Maybe do farmer's markets and stuff like that. We'll see if we can make a real go of it, but it costs money, and it takes a lot of family time. At some point we will have to make a decision, but for now we're just trying it out."