Making it in San Diego: Walmart to add 120 tech jobs in San Diego

Posted at 4:12 PM, Sep 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-03 21:40:28-04

When working for Walmart comes to mind, many assume it means taking at job at one of its massive retail store.

But the company has a much different, potentially lucrative plan for more than 100 San Diegans.

It's because Walmart is planning to triple its headcount at its Walmart Labs operation, a tech headquarters tucked away in the Carlsbad hills. Walmart currently has upwards of 60 software engineers in the hub, working on perfecting and its apps. It plans to add up to 120 more as it moves to larger space in October. 

Claude Jones, Walmart Labs senior director of engineering in Carlsbad, said the company is creating jobs that are identical to the ones in Silicon Valley, with a key difference - a lower cost of living than the Bay Area. 

"When you look at the quality of life that San Diego has to offer, just from the nice weather, the beaches and just the environment overall, I think that's a positive sell," Jones said.

Maxime Najim, one of the current software engineers, said he decided to take a job at Wal-Mart Labs in Carlsbad after years working at Apple and Netflix in the Bay Area.

"I rented, and that was one fo the reasons that encouraged me to move back to San Diego," said Najim, who now owns a home in Carlsbad. 

Najim said the best way to get involved is to train in software engineering. Jones added internships are available for college students. 

The company currently has six openings in Carlsbad, but will add more workers as it moves to the larger, more amenitized office - also in Carlsbad, about a half mile from the beach. 

Walmart Labs declined to specify salary information but said pay is competitive.