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Making It in San Diego: Cost of living in Rosarito

Travel warning for popular Mexico destinations
Posted at 2:24 PM, May 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-15 17:24:57-04

(KGTV) - Are you considering a move to Mexico as a way to escape San Diego’s high cost of living? You can compare prices to see if the payoff is worth the major change in your lifestyle.

Numbeo breaks down some common prices in Rosarito. All prices are rounded up, based on a 1 peso to .052 United States dollar exchange rate.

Apartment rent, one bedroom in the center of the city: $595

Movie ticket: $3.40

Utilities for a 915 square foot apartment: $45

Meal at a mid-range restaurant: $22

Domestic beer: $1.80

Cappuccino: $2.15

Water, 12 oz. bottle: $.58

Milk, 1 gallon: $3.92

Loaf of bread: $1.30

Chicken breasts, 1 pound: $1.60

Although you may find many items are cheaper in Mexico than San Diego, there are other costs to consider.

Travel: If you plan to visit the U.S. often, you may find yourself filling up the tank more often.

You’ll still have to pay U.S. taxes. Even if you leave the country, you’ll still an American citizen.

Banking can be frustrating, according to Business Insider. Give yourself plenty of time to open an account.